How we work

How We Work

At Allmatters, we understand that each family or individual has a unique situation. As such, we commit ourselves to providing the best healthcare services to our clients at an affordable cost. Our initial engagement starts with a phone call, email, or referrals. We then make an appointment to have a conversation with clients to fully understand each condition and agree on a care plan that will promote a healthy lifestyle so that families and individuals can achieve their health goals.

This is very important to us because our goal is to properly map the conditions surrounding the need for care, brainstorm, and agree on the most affordable approach to care based on medical best practices, budget, and clients’ specific needs. As a small business, one of our care advantages is our flexibility. We recognize that most of our seniors, or even adults and children may not have access to private insurance. To ensure that everyone has equal access to all our quality services, we accept private pay, other insurance, and Medicaid/ Medicare.

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