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Allmatters Healthcare Services RSA, LLC

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Allmatters Healthcare staff is devoted to in-home nursing and social services, prioritizing seniors, adults, and children, aiding them in achieving daily life goals.


Allmatters Healthcare offers affordable in-home nursing  prioritizing seniors, adults, and children, facilitating daily life goal achievement with dedication.

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About Us

Allmatters Healthcare Services RSA, LLC (Allmatters) is a Maryland based healthcare agency committed and dedicated to providing in-home nursing care and social services to seniors, adults, and children in the convenience of their homes while helping them to achieve their daily life goals. These services include skilled nursing and aids, level three complex care provided by Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and RN supervision of Nursing Aides including Geriatric Nursing Assistants, (GNAs) and certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). These clients include adults, elderly, and children.


Allmatters vision is to ensure that each client experiences the best service that meets their lifestyle and healthcare needs.


Our mission is to provide quality services and improve the health of those we serve with a commitment to professionalism and excellence in all ramifications.

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Core Values

As a business, we are guided by core principles and values that shape our behaviors and organizational culture. These principles are the drivers for our excellent and people-centered service delivery. Our core values center around integrity, compassion, teamwork, excellence, professionalism, accountability, and caring.

Our Services

At Allmatters Healthcare Services, we provide skilled and non-skilled services in homecare settings, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

We provide the following skilled services :

Wound care including dressing and changes

Diabetic Monitoring

Colostomy and Ileostomy care

Catheter care

Medication management and administration

Tube feeding-G-Tube

Patient care with oxygen

We provide the following non - skilled services :

Principles of Service

To provide our clients with caring and compassionate services to enable them to achieve their potential for independence and productivity at the same time promoting their empowerment and integration into society. Allmatters Healthcare Services principles of service are as follows:

Encouraging Independent living
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Promoting Choice and responsibility
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Preserving dignity and respect
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Celebrating Individuality and self-sufficiency
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Our Team

We are a small team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in management, and service delivery in healthcare.



Watta is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with over 15 years of experience in the US healthcare industry including in-home support, assisted living, community integration in private settings, hospitals, and healthcare facilities in the State of Maryland. Watta is a visionary with strong work ethics grounded in service and care for others. She has a strong business acumen with a drive for innovation in service delivery and practice. Watta, who is also a wife, and a mother, lives in Laurel with her lovely and caring husband and children. She enjoys taking vacation trips with her family, cooking, and cleaning.  And oh, she can party too when she is with family and friends. Everyone who knows Watta remembers her bright smile. A smile that is so stimulating that it inspires courage and hope among the people for whom she provides care.

Jonah Dumoe


Our CEO Mr. Jonah Dumoe B. Com, MPP, PMP is a high-level professional with over 15 years of experience in project management, technology, financial management, and healthcare both in Canada and the United States. Mr. Dumoe holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from MacEwan University and a master’s in public policy (MPP) from the University of Calgary both in Canada.

How We Work

At Allmatters, we understand that each family or individual has a unique situation. As such, we commit ourselves to providing the best healthcare services to our clients at an affordable cost. Our initial engagement starts with a phone call, email, or referrals. We then make an appointment to have a conversation with clients to fully understand each condition and agree on a care plan that will promote a healthy lifestyle so that families and individuals can achieve their health goals.

This is very important to us because our goal is to properly map the conditions surrounding the need for care, brainstorm, and agree on the most affordable approach to care based on medical best practices, budget, and clients’ specific needs. As a small business, one of our care advantages is our flexibility. We recognize that most of our seniors, or even adults and children may not have access to private insurance. To ensure that everyone has equal access to all our quality services, we accept private pay, other insurance, and Medicaid/ Medicare.

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